\ Nothing is lost, everything is transformed.

Antoine Clergeot
Antoine Clergeot

Innovation is the constant search for improvements to what already exists. The number of advertising formats is increasing exponentially over the years and advertising is increasingly intruding into the consumer's privacy, so it is essential to produce content whose quality and aesthetics are constantly improved thanks to new production solutions so that the message conveyed is well conveyed but above all finds adherence with its audience.

We overestimate short-term change and underestimate long-term change

Bill Gates

Who better to position than an avatar to guide in the W3?

Léon is a virtual character created by Publicis to embody its vision of the metaverse, this parallel digital universe where brands and consumers can interact in an immersive and creative way. Léon is the world's first avatar chief metaverse officer, a role that consists of supporting Publicis clients in the design and delivery of their Web3 experiences.

Innovation at the service of inclusion.

To celebrate African cultural diversity through Gaming. Based on an idea from Publicis Conseil for Orange, we created skins that allow gamers to create their own custom avatar by choosing from a variety of physical traits, clothing, accessories and settings inspired by the cultures of the African continent.


What does immersive 3D bring to XXL screens for viewers?

Immersive 3D on XXL screens creates a unique visual experience for viewers. Immersive 3D on XXL screens is a powerful way for brands to differentiate themselves and connect with their audience.