/ More than just a creative department, Art&Stories is a collective launched within the agency.

Melody Szymczak & Christophe Caurret
Melody Szymczak & Christophe Caurret

If storytelling and entertainment are at the core of our creative strategies, it's thanks to a hybrid team of talents from journalism, music, and mixed arts—a cultural big bang in service of brands.

Innovation & Creation 

In the realm of research and innovation, the way we tell a story must adapt to our ever-evolving daily habits—video games, series, multiple social media platforms—modes of storytelling to be experimented with, just like AI, which has become a research tool in service of creation. At the heart of our experiments is the in-house development in 2023 of a dematerialized cosmetic product, conceived in Virtual Reality.

Art is anything, you can get away with

Andy Warhol

Culture & Media

To embody its cultural actor positioning, Art&Stories expresses its vision on Prodigious' Instagram account during "Push It" evenings and through a book project scheduled for early 2024.

An example? The partnership between Sony Music, Prodigious, and Publicis Conseil aimed at assisting the record label in creating content for artists. Prodigious notably produced an AI-based music video for the rising rap star Benjamin Epps.